Several Reasons Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Better

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Carpet cleaning techniques to be applied will differ from one residence to another. It will depend on different factors like kids, pets, foot traffic, allergies, etc. In addition, the method chosen needs to be compatible with the carpet material. Instead of adding it to DIY project or giving it to untrained people, it is wise to allow professionals to do it and get the task done right.

Several reasons that a professional carpet cleaning service will do better is –

Use best cleaning equipment and tools

When you check a professional carpet cleaning company’s website, you will get an idea of their multiple step process. They make use of modern and advanced technology. They make use of –

  • State-of-art steam cleaners
  • Dry bonnet machine
  • Speed driers
  • Different eco-friendly soap solutions specific for the kind of stains like oil, grease, chemical, or other tough one
  • Special cleaning tools
  • Carpet protectors

Apply best cleaning techniques

  1. Carpet shampooing – Machine agitates the special detergent applied on the carpet and loosens the dirt. Vacuum cleaner is used to extract the loosened dirt, after carpet gets dried. The special detergent includes brighteners and deodorizers that leaves your carpet looking nice and smell good.
  2. Dry cleaning – Carpet cleaning professionals find this technique preferable as there is no need to wait for the carpet to dry before stepping on it. Special cleaning powder that attracts dust like magnet is sprinkled on the carpet and vacuumed thoroughly.
  3. Foam cleaning – In these techniques less water is used and foam detergent that attracts dirt is applied. The foam works in the carpet and extracts majority of dirt and water, when vacuumed.
  4. Steam cleaning – This is an efficient technique used to clean the carpets. Powerful machine is used to inject a mixture of hot water and detergent into the carpet. The machine’s rotating brush will then be used to deep clean the carpet. The dirt and microbes will loosen up and extracted powerfully into the waste tank of the machine. Carpet will look new and smell good but even be free from microbes and stubborn soil.

Offer quality services

As carpet cleaning companies hire trained professionals, homeowners are assured of getting premium services. The technicians are trained and familiar with the regulations regarding the acceptable standards.

Quick cleaning process

Modern cleaning and drying methods are used. Turbo dryers used will speed the drying time. It ensures that your get well cleaned and dried out carpet for use within short time period in comparison to DIY.

Employ safe products

The professionals are aware of the safest and eco-friendly approved products. This ensures that your family health will not be harmed. The products used will help to maintain carpet’s durability and shine. As majority of carpet cleaners carry insurance, accident damages or injury during process in your home will be covered. You will not be liable for paying damages.

Even if you vacuum carpet every day, dust penetrates deep. Therefore hire carpet cleaning professionals to do a thorough job at least twice a year. It will help to avoid forming of allergens, odor and stain buildup. In addition, the lifespan of your carpet will increase.

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